Grandma’s Butterscotch Sauce

Serve this sauce over Jean’s favourite Christmas figgy pudding.


2 Tbsp butter

2 cups brown sugar, divided

1 tsp butterscotch or caramel flavouring

3 Tbsp cornstarch

1 tsp vanilla extract


Melt the butter in a heavy saucepan and add ½ cup of the brown sugar.   Brown the sugar but don’t leave it too long or it will darken and get fudgy.  Add a little water if necessary.

Stir in the remaining 1 ½ cups of brown sugar.  Add the butterscotch flavouring and 2 cups hot water.  Stir until all of the sugar is dissolved.

Thicken with the cornstarch in a little cold water.

Remove from heat and add a pinch of salt and the vanilla extract.

Variations: Add ½ cup cream after the sauce has cooled.  To make hard sauce use butter and icing sugar.



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