Summer Salad with Chicken


-large bowl of roquette or arugula

-1 large sweet apple

-1/2 yellow pepper (or red)

-1/2 a medium red onion sliced very fine

-1/2 cucumber

-handful of pine nuts

-1/3 kilo chicken cut into cubes (3/4 lb)

-tbsp bruschetta seasoning


Cook the chicken on the stove top in hot olive oil and bruschetta seasoning. Add a bit of salt & pepper to taste. Hot sauce might be a nice addition to spice it up a bit. When the chicken is close to being cooked, throw in the pine nuts and roast them. When completely cooked, remove the chicken & pine nuts and leave them to cool.

Chop the cucumber, apple, and peppers and add to the roquette/arugula with the finely sliced onion. Add chicken on top. The chicken is seasoned enough, and the combination of veggies is just right, so you will not need to add dressing.

Full meal for 2 people, or starter for a larger group.

Eet smaaklijk!

–Recipe by Christina S


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